Day 12

A busy and active day!
Some student’s class visits included a practice for the up and coming sports carnival in the middle school.
Others tackled biology, history, chemistry and chorus!
After lunch we went off to do some local sightseeing at Show Mura; a recreated village in the style of Pre-war 2. Students got to see old style toys, different arts and crafts, wander through the old houses. As with most of the previous groups, the AstroTurf hill proved to be rallying point for all students. Lots of laughter and a really good time was had by all! A short time at a hot spring foot bath had us all just relaxing for a bit.
Next stop was at the Minokamo Museum of Natural History. The museum is near an archeological dig site of the ancient tribes of Japan during the Jomon era. Showcasing interesting bits and pieces from that era.
And as always the wonderful staff at our sister school were on hand to make sure we had an amazing day; thank you Mr Hattori and Mr Kano!
At the end of the day we were treated to a special viewing of Minokamo’s Brass a Marching Band at practice… Briony said, it gave one shivers…they are so very talented!


















  1. How’s the class work going Elizabeth? Looks like lots of laughs & fun on the water. And a hot foot bath for all the tired feet…that would have felt amazing. Love you Miss Libby x

    1. It was sooo good! In the photo of me amd briana, you are meant to come in the other way but we kinda had a crash and couldnt turn around so we had to drive the wrong way the whole track hahaha!

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