Brian Barker

Great to catch up with all the students before they head off to class and hear about their adventures overnight. This morning while there were some sleepy heads there were smiles all round and some great stories about what they had done and eaten. Without exception all seem to be embracing their experiences and it has been very pleasing to see the level of engagement with each other and their Japanese hosts. Japanese hospitality has to be experienced to be believed and we have all been the recipients of wonderful levels of care.
I head home tomorrow so will miss the last week which is very disappointing , I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and have relished the opportunity to get to know all the students a little better. I need to pay tribute to Mrs Shimizu, this is a huge trip to put together and it is organized down to the last minute. Miss Roche and Mr Kriel have been simply wonderful in their interactions, thanks to all three for giving up their holiday time to undertake this adventure.
A huge thanks to you the parents for providing your children with this opportunity, I have no doubts that they will have learnt a huge amount whilst away, importantly much of it will be about themselves. While they may not admit it I also think they will be far more appreciative for what they have at home and for the life style they enjoy.
To answer the question about what I might bring back for Genesis I have been having great fun suggesting to the students we might introduce school on a Saterday, extend the weekly hours to 4:30 and expect them all to ride exactly the same bikes to school.
Just got news our picture with the mayor made the third biggest news paper in Japan. Obviously the Minokama school is delighted with the coverage.
Thank you again one and all.


  1. Thank you for your post and to you also for giving up your holidays to join them on the adventure. Mrs Shimizu is truly amazing for putting all this together, and Miss Roche & Mrs Kriel for caring for the adventurers. Safe travels home.

  2. Thank you Mr Barker. It has been so very special for our children to have you along for part of their adventure and I am sure they have thoroughly enjoyed having you with them. Have a safe journey home – and I hope the paparazi don’t bother you too much now that our beautiful children are internationally famous… How exciting!

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