1. That’s fantastic. Congrats Genesis. What an achievement. Loving all the photos. It was so nice to hear your voice the other night Megan. Missing you heaps and so proud of you. Carmen is counting the days down til you get home. Thank you to the teachers who are taking such great care of our kids. Xo

  2. How exciting for the students. And what an amazing testament to our School and the staff & students representing us. Thank you so very much Mrs S, Miss R & Mr K – without you none of this would be possible.

  3. How very cool is that! 3rd largest newspaper! If this is the first time for GCC to reach 3rd largest newspaper wonder if it is Mr Barker’s presence that has inspired that… or is it how wonderful the students are?!
    Enjoy your final week…. Thinking of you. .. love reading the blogs.

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