Day 14

Farewell Party and saying goodbye to our Principal.
Students arrived today in their formal uniform and prepared for the Farewell Party.
Mr Barker needing to leave early for his drive and then departure from Nagoya to Tokyo gave his goodbyes and did a morning devotion with the students.

Making sure the farewell was a happy one, the students did a bi lingual version of head, shoulders, knees and toes set to rap and rock! With everyone joining in at the end! Speeches were given to express our sincere thanks. With special mention to key staff here who make my job easier; and who treat our students with great care and concern; Mr Nagashima, Mr Akasaki, Mr Hattori, Mr Kano, Mr Takai and several key teachers, Mrs Matsuda, Mrs Mori, Ms Ikeou, Mr Kishi, Mr Maeda, Mr Fujinami Ms Tsunoda, Mr Yasuda…..and there are so many others who work behind the scenes, the lovely ladies in the cafeteria, office personal, sports teachers, music teachers…..
All students received a Certificate of Attendance, something special for their resume!
Students were sent off for the weekend and told to make the most of every opportunity they were given. As I often tell them be in the moment, be present, enjoy what is before them, try to appreciate the differences and accept the challenges. They will be home sooner than they realise, back to the everyday familiar …..

Again they know I am just a phone call away. And having only received two phone calls from host mothers regarding minor things, it appears that your children are all doing well!
Since there will be no report for tomorrow I will try to post some photo montages….Mrs S.


















  1. We are really enjoying the daily updates and photos of your trip, and are so looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return home. As Mrs S says, be present and enjoy every minute because this is such a fantastic experience!! Don’t forget a thing !! 🙂

  2. I’m sure it was a fun filled day making many friendships. And im sure most of the group will be asking when they can go back :)’

  3. How’s your arm & shin Young Grasshopper? This time next week you will be home Miss Libi…all your wonderful stories will be shared and we’ll be looking forward to seeing The Lion King on Sunday. Miss you…love you xxx

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