Typhoon 18 Update

We are aware of the potential damage and dangers from this typhoon. Please note, I will change the itinerary as needed and with the assistance of my Japanese agent ensure safe travels. We have been in contact several times over the last 24 hours.
At this moment the forecast for this area is moderate rain and short wind gusts.
Host families are cautious and will adjust their planned activities.
The safety of the team is paramount to a successful trip therefore the route to be taken for tomorrow ‘s departure will be assessed by the bus company, our agent and myself.



  1. We know they are all in safe hands and will be well protected, thank you Mrs S – we hope it doesn’t interrupt the journey too much – thinking of you all and praying for safety – sending much love and hugs Caitlyn!

  2. Thank you Mrs Shimizu – I had been wondering whether this weather forecast would interfere with the itinerary. Please stay safe everyone

  3. Yes – please stay safe everyone and thank you for the update Mrs S – you have been wonderful!

  4. Thanks Mrs Shimizu, Mr Kriel and Miss Roche. Thinking of the students today especially on their homestay day with the wonderful families looking after them. Have a great day and God bless.

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