Day 21

Thank you
Home now to our families and friends, with so many stories to tell and experiences to share. What an amazing adventure we all had!
It was such a privilege to share this adventure with these outstanding 22 students and two teachers, Mr Shayne Kriel and Miss Jessica Roche, my friends. We have been like a big family for the last three weeks!

My hope for the students is that all that you have gained in confidence; in making friendships beyond your “clicks”; in learning to be more tolerant of people’s differences; and most of all respecting the uniqueness other cultures; that these experiences will help shape you as young adults.
Thank you all so much for helping make this a wonderful trip full of lasting memories.

To the parents, thank you for giving your child this opportunity to step out and see what they are capable of, for allowing us the privilege of introducing the wonderful land, culture and people of Japan to them. I know they will have so many wonderful stories to tell you all! And be proud of them they are a wonderful testimony of your parenting and love!

I thank the Lord for his many blessings and guidance, and the great work and support of Jessica Roche and Shayne Kriel who made my job easier and were such a blessing to all in the team!

We will get a.
Thank you all and God bless you always- Learna Shimizu

(Now to start to prepare for JOE 2016!)


  1. Learna from the bottom of my heart I thank you for putting such an effort into allowing our children to experience this incredible journey. Caitlyn has been full of stories for the past 3 days and watching the excitement and life changing attitude brings tears to my eyes. She left with lots of worries and came home a confident young women ready to take on the world. Thank you for helping to empower herself and allowing herself to see just what she is capable if achieving.

  2. Yes, thank you again to Mrs Shimizu, Miss Roche & Mr Kriel. There are no words really that express the thanks, gratitude & appreciation of what you have given to our children.

  3. Thank you again, Mrs Shimizu, Mr Kriel and Miss Roche. I have heard so many wonderful stories about this amazing trip and beautiful country, and have seen some gorgeous photos. It is a country and culture which must truly be seen to be believed.
    Hmmmmm… 2016 is the year you take we parents isn’t it???? Haha.

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