JOE Scavenger Hunt (aka, ‘Winner Takes All’)

Hi All, Miss Roche here, interrupting usual programming to introduce you to a new feature of the epic adventure that is JOE. This year’s team members have embarked upon the inaugural JOE Scavenger Hunt! Competing in pairs or group of three, students have been set the task of collating a creative photographic response to daily clues found in their travel manuals. Each of the team’s destinations have been paired with specific scavenger hunt clues intended to enhance each team member’s engagement with all they are seeing, hearing and in some cases, smelling. At the end of each day, teams will submit their entries to the self-named ‘Captain of the Hunt’ (me). Points will be tallied with the end goal of obtaining the enviable title of ‘Hunt Extraordinnaire/s’ as well as a mystery grand prize. Enthusiasm has run high so far with today’s spontaneous bonus round sparking a friendly rivalry. We look forward to the remaining days of the hunt. 

Miss R. 

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