Joseph M says Hi…

Hi everyone! Having an amazing time over here. There are lots of weird and wonderful things like the food and vending machines but we are all coping well. So many amazing things to see here and I’m learning so much about the culture and traditions. See you all soon. From Joseph

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  1. Hey Dude, Great to hear from you. We have loved seeing your adventures and reading about everything that you do. I didn’t receive any emails from Japan the other night (after your rainy day) so I figure you were busy putting through a load of washing!?!! See … there is a reason we share the chores with you. How is your knee holding up with all the stair-climbing? Nan and Grandad will be happy to see your post. They have been asking how you are getting on. Continue to enjoy yourself and stay safe. Don’t be camera shy and say hi next time it’s pointed at you (Nan and Grandad would get a kick out of that). Love you heaps Mum and Dad xxx

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