Day 14- Sayonara Assembly

Saturday 1 October

School on a Saturday! Students visited their classmates one last time and then attended a heart warming farewell and presentation.

A formal assembly saw all the Minokamo students gather in the grand hall to witness the presentation of certificates to all our students. Our two schools reconfirmed theFriendship Agreement for another five years.

After the formalities hosts and next year’s visiting students joined together for a party. Genesis students taught Minokamo students a bush dance, which ended in one giant dance circle! Fun was had by all as goodbyes were exchanged.

The rest of the weekend is free with their host families. They know their leaders are only a phone call away.













  1. Hi Bella. Hope you enjoyed your time with Seri and family.
    If you need more room in your bag, leave the cushion behind. I see you bought yourself a brolly…
    Enjoy your last week and look forward to seeing your smiling face on Sat!xxoo

  2. What an amazing week, full of friendship and fun. You must be all fluent in Japanese by now. Well done everyone.

  3. Hi Bronte, if you see anything you want in your last week make sure you buy it. If you need more money just contact the Daddy bank 😊. Love and miss ya Dad

  4. Hi Mack
    Grand final just finished. Do you want the results?? It was a close game.
    Hope you’ve enjoyed living with your host family.
    Miss you buddy.
    Mum xx 😘🏈

  5. Hello siaan & Bella. Both your parents are at boondooma watching NRL grand final…storm vs sharks. We are all going for storm but it is anyone’s game at the moment.
    Thinking of you… See you in a week.
    Mum xx

  6. Hi Jade, hope you have a really rememberable last week of your trip. Looks like you had a great time with Momoka. See you soon!
    Love Mum

  7. Hey Joseph!! Its BJ and Rick here… we are spending the weekend at the sunny coast catching some sun and beach time… we are currently hanging out with Mark, Kayleen, your mum, dad, Anna and Shae playing Phase 10 and overlooking the ocean!! No views like this in Moree!!! We’ve been watching your videos and photos and it looks like youre having a great time in Japan. What a great experience mate.. on my school excursions we went to Yeppoon. Look forward to catching up when we return to Brisvegas in November.. we are booking in for a Japanese feast.. you’re cooking big dude! We missed seeing you this trip mate, everyone sends hugs and kisses. Love ya Guts. Rick says Love you, miss you and Dad says hes bought a new motor for the boat and hes going to Bathurst!!

  8. Hi Aimee, hope you had a great time at your home stay. Only 1 week left – the time has past so quickly. Looking foward to reading the blog & seeing the photos/movies of the next week of adventure. Love you…see you Saturday x

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