Day 15 – Thank you Minokamo… Omotenashi!

Sunday 2 October

As we prepare our luggage tonight for our departure early tomorrow for the highlands, we need to remember just how wonderful the staff at our sister school has been! We will miss you all so much!

Thank you to these special people who took care of all our needs; Mr Nagashima, Mr Akasaki, Mr Hattori, Mr Hakumura, Mr Kano, Mr Suzumura, Ms Tsunoda, Mrs Matsuda, Mr Taguchi, Mr Kishii, Mr Futano, Ms Morii, Miss Watanabe, Mr Takai and the many staff who taught our students; 

Here’s a few photos of these amazingly kind people…


  1. Thank you so much to the staff, students and families of Minokamo. It is exciting news that our schools have signed a new Friendship agreement so that the relationship can continue and more students from both schools can enjoy wonderful times together. Thank you Mrs Shimizu for your outstanding work.

  2. Hey Leila,

    Holly and I are missing you lots! So keen to hear all these amazing stories and adventures you’ve been on when you get back. Can’t wait to see you!

    Sible and Gordo!

  3. Our sincere thanks to all of the staff and host families at Minokamo for the wonderful care you have taken of our children. Although it will be sad saying your goodbyes, we know from experience that you can maintain and even strengthen your friendships with your host families and buddies when you are back in Australia. The connections you have made will last long after the trip is over!
    Enjoy your travels and seeing some more amazing sights of the beautiful land you are visiting. 🙂

  4. To Mrs S.. If you can, please pass our appreciation and thankfulness to the staff & host families of Minokamo for the wonderful way they have cared for our family members. It has been a pleasure to see their school, students & activities in your photos.
    We feel very blessed that they care for our students in the way they do.

    Geoff, Margot & Siaan Sanders

  5. Hi Leila, We celebrated Tom’s birthday with all the cousins and Granny and Grandad. We all caught up with your photos and blogs. They love the kimono photo. Enjoy Matsumoto, it didn’t stop snowing last time, it was freezing. Love from us all.

  6. Hello Siaan. How was your stay & saying goodbye to your host family? Hope you have taken pictures so we can see who they are.

    We are really enjoying the posts – thank you Mrs S & Mr H. It is a delight to have these to forward to family & friends.
    Siaan – grandma from Vic calls me if I haven’t sent a post for that day. She is loving seeing you in Japan & all you do.

    Hope you have an amazing last week – a final opportunity to practice speaking Japanese as much as you can cos, once home – you can speak it – but we won’t understand it!!

    Mum xx

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