1. Enjoy your last day everybody!

    Hey Mack
    We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning. Try to get some rest on the plane please (I know I’m kidding myself, but it’s worth a shot, right? LOL).
    Safe travels
    Mum xx

  2. Hi Joseph,
    Hope you had an awesome day at Disneysea! I’m sure you slept well last night. Enjoy your last day in Japan today. It’s been so nice to share the experience with you through the daily posts. Hope you have a good flight back to Aus tonight. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Stax of love Mum, Dad and Anna xxx

  3. Hi team. Just wishing you a fun day at the Museum and temple today and a safe, restful trip home. Hope you all get some sleep on the plane so you’re ready to share your many fun adventures and stories with family when we will see you tomorrow morning! God bless and love to all.

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