1. Dear Mrs Shimizu, Miss Roche, Mr Connolly, Miss White & Mr Hollands thank you so much for making the past 3 weeks such an amazing journey for everyone including parents and friends. Wonderful blog, not sure what all of us will do first thing in the morning now.

  2. I am sure you have had a great time in Japan Tahlia, I have loved looking at all the photo’s, vids and reading all the updates.. what an awesome trip ….Dad is soo looking forward to seeing you…have a great flight home.. We love you… Nan(purple hair). Xoxo

  3. Hi Aimee, got your postcard today – thank you. Hope you had a great time at Disney. Loved reading your post about your highlights – so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face in the morning and hearing about your adventures. To Mrs S, Miss R, Miss W, Mr C & Mr H, thank you so much for making the last 3 weeks so truly amazing for everyone. Safe travels

  4. Hi Bella
    Love the blue thing? you have on your head. I think that’s you.
    I received your post card today and are so glad you are ‘still alive’.
    Cant wait to see you in the morning. You have to be somewhere at 12 so try get some sleep!xx
    Thanks so much Mrs Shimizu, Miss Roche, Mr Connolly, Miss White and Mr Hollands for EVERYTHING!! Very much appreciatedxxxxx

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