1. Thankyou to all the teachers for taking such good care of all the kids. Jade is home happy, healthy and very greatful for trip she’s had the opportunity to be part of.

  2. Dear Mrs S, Mr C, Ms Roche, Ms White and Mr H, thank you so very much for everything. Mackenzie had the most amazing experience. Forever grateful for your love and care.
    ❤️ Robyn & David Clark

  3. it was great to see Tina and the group in Narita yesterday. An excellent job done with the blog. I can’t thank Mrs S and the team enough for giving all the kids such an amazing opportunity, not only to be tourists but for self-development. They are extremely privileged.

  4. Hello Daniel,
    Pleased you are all home safely. It has been great to follow this trip with you. What an experience for you all. Also, well done teachers. The children all looked very happy in the photos & videos.
    Dan, I hope you had a good rest on the plane. Mum, Dad, & Katie will be looking forward to hearing all about your trip.
    Lots of love, Auntie Janette .

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