JOE 2018 Day 2 – Mon 24

Today held an experience that was a first for most of the team – waking up in Japan! The buffet breakfast was also a new adventure, with questions like, ‘what is that?’ and, ‘ooo, can I come back for seconds?’ filling the air. Next came the students’ chance for the first real look at Japan from the comfortable, high tech seat of a bullet train. As scenery flew by, it dawned on many of the students that they were actually in Japan after months of counting down the days. A few of the day’s adventures included navigating some Tokyo crowds and choosing “obento” for lunch. This epic day of travel ended in Kyoto, with the team checked into our hotel “home” for the next three nights. Sore and tired, the ‘ever-ready to explore’ JOE members scoped out the surrounding shopping area and views from the top of the modern Kyoto Station complex. Dinner was a special chance to try some seasonal local cuisine. Delicious!


Happy birthday Jet! I am having an amazing time in Japan and it’s only day 2! I hope you had a great day bring a teenager for the 1st time! Sariah xoxo


  1. Loved the slideshow. Thank you so much for sharing them with us all. Looks like everyone is having the time of their lives. Can’t wait to hear the story’s from the adventure. From the food, to the scenery and all the happy faces. We are kind of jealous of you all. Can’t wait for day 3 highlights. No need to say “have fun”. You guys are all over it. Love ya Buddy. Mum & Dad.

  2. Food looks delicious. I am sure you trying everything Abz. Jemma says that she hopes you are having a great time and she misses you…….she has taken over your bedroom!!

  3. Hi Noah,
    You look great and happy in the pictures and we enjoyed watching the slides. The food looks yummy. Have fun and enjoy the moments. Love you and we misses you so much. God bless you all.
    Mama, Papa and Aroha

  4. Thank you for the slideshow. What a wonderful experience for the children to taste new food and learn the culture. Have fun and have an awesome time Nalia.
    Michele Fong
    Nalia’s grandmother, Fiji

  5. Looks like a great time!!! Missing y’all! (Especially Caitlin and sariah and Rachel!!)
    Much love.
    Grace and Beth ❤ 🙂

  6. Looks like Mr Connolly is in his element – all the sushi, hot sauce and coffee he can handle. How are the newbie teachers enjoying things?

  7. Looks like a great first day – enjoy and have fun Riley.
    Look forward to hearing about all the different foods you’ve tried.

    Love Damon and Tara

  8. Looks like a great first day. Enjoy Riley. Look forward to hearing about all the different foods you’ve tried. Love Damon and Tara

  9. Just an awesome slideshow and a lot of happy faces! That food looks great too. Enjoy the experience, and we can’t wait to hear your stories first hand Hayley. Love Dad

  10. Wow! It looks amazing 😀. The food looks great. Can I come over? 😉. Thanks for the video. You look like you’re having a great time Caitlin xx. We can’t wait to see what happens today. Love you heaps, Mum, Dad and Sarah and of course Grace and Misty

  11. Wow! Beautiful slideshow and it looks like they are all having a great time. Thank you for the video.
    We miss you Seiloni.
    Love from Mum & Dad

  12. Lots of happy smiling faces! Food looks great! Please tell Riley that TJ is in the finals today! 😁 Love Mum

  13. Wow, loved the slideshow. Makes us feel like we are right there with you. We are all missing you Vrishin, but we can also see that you are having a great time, 😊.
    Bye for now

  14. Looks like an awesome day! Thanks for the slideshow! So nice to see what they’re doing!
    Missing you Bagel!


  15. Can see you’re having an amazing time. I love the video slideshow, Enjoy the food and culture guys. I’m missing you do much Blakey. Have fun, mum 😘😘😘

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