JOE 2018 Day 3 – Tues 25

The team had an awesome time today visiting the famous sites of Nara, the ancient capital city of Japan! Approximately one hour’s drive from our home-base in Kyoto, Nara is full of landmarks of historical significance. It is also full of wild deer! Students communed with (and fed) the local wildlife as they walked through the large park grounds towards Todaiji, the ‘Great Eastern Temple’ first constructed in 752 and reconstructed in 1692. Ponchos and umbrellas were out in force as a light rain fell and only a few ponchos came out of the day intact, as the local deer proved to be quite skilled at shredding them while attempting to get the students’ attention! The team walked a looping trail through the large park to visit another important site, Kasuga Grand Shrine. A delicious lunch was enjoyed before returning to Kyoto for an afternoon of exploration in Kinkakuji (‘The Golden Pavillion’) and Nijo Castle.

The day came to a close with a cultural show at the famous Gion Corner, where students were treated to a showcase of traditional Japanese arts – chado (tea ceremony), koto (Japanese harp), kado (flower arranging), gagaku (court music), kyogen (an ancient comic play), kyomai (Kyoto style dance) and bunraku (puppet play).

The JOE Scavenger Hunt also started today, with students excitedly gathering clues at various sightseeing destinations. The students comported themselves with great enthusiasm and perseverance today, despite the light rain and they can be very proud of themselves! We are very proud of them too.

We look forward to tomorrow!


  1. Thank you team for another beautiful slideshow from Nara and Koyoto. Do these boys and girls ever stop smiling? So wonderful to see everyone having such an amazing time. There memory’s and friendships from this trip will be never forgotten. It’s also fantastic, as a parent. To know it will be taken in 100%, due to the lack of technology. Thank you for making it an unplugged journey. That’s apart form your camera Bohdi. Keep taking photo’s.
    Love ya bud. Mum and Dad.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging post! And seeing the big picture with being unplugged! Each day the students getting mor focused and asking more questions about what’s around them! It’s wonderful! – Mrs S

  2. Another great slideshow. Temple, shrine, feeding deers and more delicious food. Saw you taking photos Nalia. Enjoy this journey granddaughter. Much love.
    Nana, Fiji

  3. Thanks for the video – watching these has been the best start to a work day ever! Can’t believe my little Hayley is so far away and obviously enjoying herself. Thanks team for all your hard work, and to the students, just soak this wonderful experience up!

  4. hello
    Loving all the updates, thank you. Abz don’t to take photos too so we can look over them on your return.
    us lot x

  5. What lovely photos and video. Obviously Baylee you are having a good time. Hope you are taking many photos too for us all to see later. Lotsa love Nana Beth

  6. Thanks for the updates – everyone looks to be having a great time. Nice to see photos of Baylee today too 🙂 Loving being able to see what everyone is up to and seeing snippets of the vista – am quite jealous 🙂

  7. What an amazing day! And what a well organised team to be sending us such super videos. Thank you! Hugs to Allie xx

  8. Yay! Lots of Baylee photos!!! What a full day! Looks like it was a fun one tho! Hope today is just as awesome!

  9. Dad says… oh deer 😁 What an incredible day Josh!! One you will remember forever! Keep smiling. Love Mum, Dad, Luke and Finn xxxx

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