JOE 2018 Day 4 – Wed 26

Today was a somewhat slower day, allowing the students to travel on local trains and visit the beautiful Fushimi Imari Taisha –  the home to 1000 vermilion Torii gates. A few energetic students managed to follow the path under 1000 gates all the way to the hilltop.

As an immersion-style trip,  we were able to change our plans to take advantage of a local food festival in a street nearby lined with stalls offering intriguing and delicious foods; a lot of food choices on skewers – steak; fried chicken; corn. Students were adventurous with their choices – well done!

The team travelled to a new location after lunch to see something unique and modern – a theater production without words. Amazing projection mapping, cleverly engineered stage sets and a cast of passionate performers saw our students delighted by the entertaining story (see the link below for a little preview of GEAR). The show was truly impressive, with some students commenting that it was the best entertainment they had ever seen!

Dinner at Aeon Mall saw the students eating an assortment of foods from a buffet with two chocolate fountains becoming the quick favourite!

Tonight we have prepared and then sent off our big bags to the sister school as tomorrow we move to Hiroshima and leave the beautiful city of Kyoto to become a wonderful memory.  – Mrs S and Miss R.

Gear Theatre:


  1. Yet again guys, thank you for a wonderful slideshow. Love coming home each day to see, your day. It looks amazing over there. So much culture. The theater production also looked crazy. Hope your enjoying every minute Bohdi. We are so proud of you. Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences when you get home.
    Love Mum and Dad.

  2. Have decided I need to get to Japan sooner rather than later! Looks so amazing!

    Baylee, did you fill a cup with the chocolate from the fountain? Cos that’s really the only way to do it!

    Love you.
    Mum and the minicals!

  3. You all look like you are having an amazing time. I love that you are becoming truely immersed in the culture. Keep enjoying Kye. Love Mum, Dad, Jesse and Mia

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