Messages from Students-

Hey there! We’re having a great time in Japan so far,it’s been really fun. There’s been a few strange foods… including fish head. That was definitely an experience. But other than that the food’s pretty good. We’re missing you guys and hope you’re having fun back home. – Charlize and Nalia


  1. Hi Nalia and Charlize!

    It’s really wonderful to hear about all the different places you have visited so far. Such an awesome experience! Well done for trying the different foods… I guess you won’t be asking for fish heads in a hurry when you get back home!
    😉 Praying for safe travels and good health for you all.
    Have a fun filled weekend.
    Love and blessings

    1. Hi Nalia
      Nice to see that you’re having a great time and trying out the different food. We eat fish head in Fiji all the time 😜 Love the deer’s and your beautiful smile. Enjoy your weekend.
      Love and hugs 💜🌷

  2. Hello Charlize and Nalia, good on you for trying fish head….very proud of you. How is the Gacha collection coming on?

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