JOE 2018 Day 6 – Fri 28

A ferry ride is a unique way to start the day and this is just what our students did to travel over to the island of Miyajima for some exploring.

Being met on the island by the ever cheeky wild deer was wonderful but these are not as well mannered as their Nara counterparts.

Mount Misen was our first challenge and the students excelled themselves with their enthusiasm to give it a go. Hiking and using a cable car for the trip up the mountain presented some team members with an opportunity to conquer their fears of heights and all pulled through with flying colours.

Some time was spent exploring the market shops on the island with souvenirs and traditional crafts on show.

Choosing and ordering their own lunch saw many students step up and try their language skills and stretch their culinary tastes.

Itsukushima Jingu (the ‘floating shrine’) showed its beautiful colors as the tide slipped away and we were able to walk along its open halls.

Taken by Miss Roche

We were delighted to witness a bridal party at the shrine. The walk around the temple grounds was enjoyed in the cooler afternoon before returning to the mainland for a Japanese dinner at the hotel. We were extremely proud of the students, as all bravely tried some hitherto unfamiliar delicacies.

Mrs Burgin has taken many of these beautiful photos. Arranging this many of us into an order to take a photo is no mean feat and we thank her for her wonderful work. – Mrs S and Miss R.


  1. Hi Aimee,

    Sounds absolutely amazing, I’m glad that you’re experiencing so many cool things. Can’t wait to catch up and hear all about it when you get back : ) 🍱

  2. That wedding looked gorgeous 🙂
    Did you try the fish head Shae? Willow woke up this morning and said “I going to Japan today to see Shae” 😂 I think she misses you 💜💜

  3. I hope the Coolish was a dessert choice and not main course Baylee??

    Also, If it’s ok with you I’ll stick to cooking the parts of fish that don’t have eyes, when you’re home, K?

    Glad you guys are having such an amazing time! Good to see the comfort zone being stretched!

    Love you Baydo, missing you heaps!

  4. We are so proud of you trying new foods, Riley! “Tastes like the ocean!”, sounds delicious! 😀 It looks like you are having a blast. We miss you heaps, but are so excited for your amazing adventures. Thank you for the wonderful videos, they are a perfect start to our day. Love Mum and Dad

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