JOE 2018 Day 8 – Sun 30 Sept

Sunday rolled around quickly and many genki na gaijin (energetic foreigners) rolled out of their futons exclaiming that they were more comfortable than first anticipated. The less said about the bean-filled pillows, however, the better; these are summer pillows meant to allow airflow to stay cool. The last few nights have been spent in school-camp-like quarters and it has been a golden opportunity for team members to do some bonding together before the next part of our adventure opens up. For example, the girls have uncovered the hair-braiding talents of Shaelee and Mrs Ellis and the dormitory has become a pop-up hair salon in the students’ downtime.

This morning, the team visited the First Vineyard Church in the neighbouring town of Kani and enjoyed a morning of singing, listening to the word of God and sharing fellowship with some of the church’s youth group over a lunch of Japanese curry rice. Noah and Rachel were brave and made us proud by giving a short speech of greeting (in Japanese) to the church congregation. Many students commented that they felt blessed to see that worshipping the Lord has the same heartfelt expression of devotion for Christians all over the world. Students bopped along to the amazing music created by the small church band and tried to guess the familiar worship songs they were sung in Japanese.

A new segment was introduced tonight during our team debrief called, ‘Super Cute Things That Haru Did Today,’ in honour of a special addition to the JOE team. The three-year old son of a Minokamo teacher joined us on our adventures today and was the sweetest and boldest of playmates for the Genesis students. Having left us at the end of the day by offering enthusiastic high-fives and blowing kisses, we hope to welcome Haru to Genesis one day when he is a bit older!

Rainy weather saw our plans change slightly as the team spent an hour in the afternoon doing some local shopping before returning to the dormitory to rehearse their item for tomorrow’s Welcome Assembly.

Our students are packed and ready for tomorrow’s official introduction to Minokamo school life before meeting their host families.

All is now quiet for the night and the students are well. You can be proud of them for they are giving their best efforts with good attitudes.


  1. Hi Blakey
    Have an awesome time with Shunki and his family. Pass on our regards to him
    Missing you sweetheart. Enjoy your time and be happy and safe.
    Mum and Laurie😘😘

  2. Like the other parents, we feel we can pass on the bean filled pillows. Interesting, but maybe not. Wonderful to see the team’s bonding and enjoying each others company. Haru looks like the perfect little tour guide. Love them little red boots. Hope everything went well with the welcome assembly and the official introduction to the Minokamo school. We are praying the weather gets better over there. Enjoy the next week Bohdi Jay with your host family. It will be an unforgettable experience. Love ya buddy. Mum and Dad.

  3. Ahh, the good ol’ bean-filled pillows…. I’ll pass thank you. The students will have to tidy up that genkan!

  4. 7 days have gone and we cannot believe how much you have packed into those days. It all looks like so much fun. Hope you all have a great time with the host family and your buddys, enjoy every moment Abz.
    Mum, Dad and Jemma.

  5. Enjoy school today! We have a public holday. I hope everyone had a good night sleep and I’m glad you are all safe and sound.

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