Messages from Students

A few messages from students who wanted to send something before their busy weekend!

• Had so much fun. Had a solo moment by accident! Don’t want to leave Minokamo. Lauren C

• I am having a great time at Minokamo and will be sad to leave on Monday. I am looking forward to the weekend with my host family. Love Sam PS Sorry I haven’t been able to email you Ruby.

• Hey everyone!! I am definitely not missing any of you and I am going to “accidentally” miss my flight, KIDDING!! But I love it here Mum, say hi to everyone for me including Jojo. Happy Birthday again. I wish I could have been there. Sad this week at Minokamo has come to an end. I am looking forward to seeing you all next week. Baylee.

• Hi everyone at home, Japan is great and is am having a good time. See your soon, from Jakob

• Hi Ma and Pa, our time in Japan is going to end in a week and I really enjoyed my time at Minokamo High School. I feel sad leaving them. Love Noah

• We are having a GREAT time in Japan!! Minokamo High School!! Love Zara and Buddies!

• Hi everyone at home. I am having a great time in Japan and thanks for the messages on the blog. From Vrishin

• Hey Dad, Mum and Jemma, having a great time. The Minokamo stay was amazing. I am missing you, only as week and a bit to go. See you soon, Love Abbie xoxo

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