Something Strikingly Unique to Wear – YUKATA

All our students were given the opportunity to learn how to dress themselves in a YUKATA, a summer kimono often worn to festivals. Below are photos of your child to share. Don’t they all look amazing! Many thanks to Minokamo families and staff for allowing them this opportunity.


  1. Hi everyone,

    You all look so amazing!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun today!
    Baylee, I can’t to hear all about it!

    Xx Lozzy

  2. I have once seen a demonstration by a Japanese woman dressing someone in a kimono… it is quite an involved process requiring skill, so seeing the students all dressed up like that leaves me in awe and very appreciative that this could be added to their list of cultural experiences.

  3. Wow Baylee – you look amazing …. what a wonderful time you’re all having … love seeing the updates – thanks everyone. Love Jojo xoxo.

  4. Anata wa subete Nihon no fuku o kite yoku miemasu. Noa wa nihongo no yō ni mieru.(you all look good wearing the Japanese clothes). Noah you look like a Japanese. Anata o aishitemasu.

  5. You all look so fantastic! The colours and designs are beautiful. Riley you look so strong and happy, I miss you!
    Love Mum

  6. Looking very handsome Vrishin. Loving the opportunity to see all that you are doing on a daily basis, this really is a great experience which I’m sure you will look back on with fond memories.
    Love Dad

  7. Riley, you look very proud in your beautiful Yukata. It has been a joy to experience your journey through words and images.
    Much love from Gail and David

  8. Everyone looks amazing! I hope you are enjoying your weekend “off” before taking the kids on the last part of their adventure on Monday.

    1. Hi Miss White, it’s been a busy one. Very blessed with good students and staff and wonderful hosts. Last big push from Monday. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. – Mrs S

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