Our Radio Star

Shaelee’s School Radio Interview Transcript:

Shae’s answers were offered in Japanese but they are translated here in English.

1.Please share your name with us…

My name is Shae. Pleased to meet you!

2.How is the life in the Minokamo school?

Our group is made up of students from middle and senior school. We have been preparing for our visit for the whole year. We are so happy to be here! We appreciate Minokamo school for allowing us to have this exchange.

3.Are Minokamo students kind to you?

We want to say thank-you to Minokamo middle and senior school for their warm welcome. Minokamo school has an atmosphere of friendship. We thank them for their kindness.

4.What’s your favourite Japanese food?

Japanese food is really delicious! My favourite is miso ramen. Delicious, isn’t it?

5.You have been to Hiroshima, Himeji and Kyoto. Where is the most interesting place?

Because of its beauty and old, traditional buildings, my favourite place is Himeji. My favourite place thing was visiting church in Kani. I also loved the GEAR Theatre in Kyoto.

6.What did you buy in Japan?

I have bought various Japanese-made things.

7.Please tell me your plans after Minokamo.

After Minokamo, we plan to go to Hakone, Mount Fuji and Tokyo.

8.What are the differences between Australian and Japanese schools?

Japanese schools are very quiet and beautiful, aren’t they? I think the students are very energetic. Everyone is so kind. Compared to Australia, I think Japan has a rich and abundant culture.

9.What is your favourite subject?

At Genesis, my favourite subject is Music but I also love Japanese.

10.What is your hobby?

I like books!

11.What do you want to be in the future?

Perhaps in the future, I would like to become a Japanese teacher. But, I can’t really speak Japanese well so I am planning to study with all my heart.

12.What do you want to do now?

I am looking forward to learning about Japanese school lifestyle.

13.Please give some messages to Minokamo students!

Thank-you so much for your warm welcome! We are so happy to be here! Minokamo’s brass band is SO skilful. We look forward to making friendships with you this week. Thanks for all you have done!


  1. Wow Shae, that was fantastic. I’m so proud of you and all you have achieved. I trust your experience at Minokamo has been rewarding and memorable. Enjoy your final week exploring Japan, your itinery looks amazing (I’m jealous)
    Missing you heaps, love Dad

  2. Babe! Incredible. You spoke so well and your dialect was beautiful.
    So proud of you for stepping up to that challenge! Sachino must have been proud too 😊
    Love you! 🌙🌙🌙

  3. Wow Shae ! Papa & I couldn’t be more proud – you are amazing sweetheart ! You have a dream – live your dream God has planned for you. Seek Him in all your preparation for your future & He will totally Bless you. Can’t wait to give you BIG Mama & Papa HUGS – Much love xxx

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