Goodbye to our Friends and New Family at Minokamo

Early this morning, the time came to farewell our wonderful friends at Minokamo Middle and Senior School. It was a bittersweet parting as they have ensured our happiness at every turn with their warmth, hospitality and friendship and we are so thankful for the opportunities they have given the Genesis staff and students.

The host families have given such particular and generous care to the students and the bonds that have formed over the last week are strong and built to last. We know that their kindness has touched our students’ hearts and they have created memories here that will last a lifetime.

Being prepared to experience Japanese school life with an attitude of understanding and a willingness to listen and learn has ensured a rich opportunity for personal growth and development – an opportunity we are happy to say has been embraced in full by each team member.

Though there were some tears this morning and regret over having to leave, this is a sign of full hearts and a week well worth it. I am sure there will be many, many stories to come.

And now…off to the mountains we go!


  1. All those tearful faces and warm embraces. It is obvious that some life-long connections have been made. What a special experience for all 🙂

  2. Hayley. I love the photos and am in awe of the experiences that you are having. I can’t wait to hear the stories on your arrival home

    💕 Mum

  3. Awww such an emotional time saying goodbye. What a week! Can’t wait to hear the stories of living with your host family.

  4. Hey Josh. Looks like you had a great time. It’s always sad to say goodbye. Cherish the memories, keep in touch and say till next time. Enjoy the rest of your trip and can’t wait to see you and hear all the stories and see the photos. Love from Mum, Dad, Luke and Finn xxx

  5. Remembering the heart wrenching morning we said goodbye to our student back in March, I can imagine the emotions this morning!

    Knowing that everyone has had such a wonderful week with wonderful families, makes this mamas heart very happy!

    Hopefully one day I can personally thank Baylees Host family!

    5 more sleeps Baylee!!


  6. Hello Vrishin. The host family seem such nice people . I can see they really looked after you well . God bless their family and the school .
    Enjoy your last week in Japan , can’t wait to see you on Saturday .
    Love mum 😘

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