JOE 2018 Day 16 – Mon 8 Oct

Into the mountains we went, today! And what glorious mountains they are! The season has changed and there was plenty of autumnal colour in the forests and beside the raging rivers. This year’s team is lucky that the leaves have started to change ahead of their usual schedule!

Our first stop was at Gujo Hachiman, the city famous for producing ‘sample foods’ made from wax and displayed in the windows of restaurants around the country.

This city is also famous for its many canals and the old fashioned fire-buckets that hang seemingly in every available corner since the whole place was almost lost to fire in 1652. Students made sample foods of their own and witnessed the genius of the artisans that work in the unique industry.

We bundled into the bus again and travelled on to Shirakawago, a hidden valley village with World Heritage status. Deservedly so! Criss-crossed with canals of its own, trout and koi fish swim past freshly harvested rice fields and the people who still call the village home go about their regular business.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to stretch their legs before popping back on the bus to travel to Matsumoto City, which will be home for the night staying at a Ryokan.

We have made it to the other side of the Japanese alps and the bus awaits us for new adventures tomorrow. Oyasuminasai (goodnight)!


  1. Zara -you look to be having the most amazing time. Only a few more days until you will be home. Continue to enjoy what is left of the trip.
    You will be busy when you get home catching up on news.
    Love Mum, Dad, Grace and Holly xxx

  2. On the road again girls and guys. Yet again the beautiful photos have left us wanting to visit japan more than ever. So many happy faces. So many wonderful things to see. It will be a learning experience they could never learn in a class room. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity for Bohdi to join everyone on this adventure. Friendships forged and memory’s will never be forgotten. Enjoy and take in as much as you can in these last few days Bohdi Jay. Can’t wait to see you and all the gang on Saturday morning, and hear what you have learnt in your time away.
    Love Mum and Dad.

    1. Good morning, I just want to say how much we appreciate your positive and encouraging comments. I have shared them with the other staff and students. Your insight is such a blessing. – Regards Mrs S.

  3. Looks amazing. Hope you all enjoy the last bit of the experience. Cannot wait to hear all the stories.
    See you soon Abz.

  4. Three more sleeps till you’re home. Enjoy your last few days before you’re home swat studying for your math test Blake. Yes, school next week. Love you lots, hope you’re having a wonderful time.
    Love mum 😘😘💕

  5. Such happy smiling faces, all around. It’s wonderful to see you all looking so engaged in all of the awesome experiences you are having. Joey – can’t wait for you to get home and hope you enjoy your last week of adventure. PS, I’ve only bought one packet of cheese while you have been away. Love Mum xx

  6. Shirakawago is so beautiful….loved all the salad the students made…looks so real. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, looks like you saved the best for last.

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