Day 3

Students are doing well, working on their strategies on how to cope with the crowds. Squeezing onto trains and trying average everyday Japanese food for their lunches!
Today was a full on day of exploring and fun! Up into the mountain area north west of main Kyoto. Visiting the monkey park, viewing gorgeous green bamboo grove. So as you can see in a few pictures; humans in the cage with the monkeys running free outside!
Eating dinner at Aeon Mall was a treat as it was a buffet, which had a matcha white chocolate fountain; after dinner the students were allowed some shopping time…but found the extremely fun “Sega World” full of high tech amusement games!
They also found the little photo booths that make cute stickers of their head shots.
Most students sent off private messages to family and friends. Tomorrow night should they want to they will be able to call home! As you can see evening debrief meetings can be a little squishy (I tell them it’s practice for Tokyo train rides)
Along with Miss Roche, Mr Kriel and myself, let me express just how proud we are of all our young people. They are trying everything, giving it their all and being caring and inclusive of all team members!













  1. Hello Caitlyn – enjoy getting up each morning and reading the updates of your trip and looking at the photos – it all looks wonderful – I bet the temples were interesting eh! Keep on enjoying and making the most of each new experience. Love Nan & Pa xx

  2. Loving these posts! Yummy chocolate fountain!
    So good to see what they are up to each day!
    Alicia wear your hat! Hahaha!

  3. Wow – looks like another great day – I can tell from your smiles Oliver that you are having fun. Love the bamboo! Love you! Mum, Dad, Toby and Jess xx

  4. Sounds like such a great day. Love the way Aeon Mall is in perfect juxtaposition to all the World Heritage sites; best of both worlds. Reilly, I’m so happy that you will have good memories of Arashiyama this time. xx

  5. Hi ryley how cute are the monkeys. Hope you are taking lots off photos can’t wait to see whats in stall next .:)

  6. Hi Mitch ! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. A buffet AND Sega World…..dreams do come true !! No doubt you are still smiling !! Have fun ! Love from all of us xxxx

  7. Wow, Libi, how cute was that monkey. Loving all the photos. I even get to play ‘Where’s Libi’ with the group photos…much easier when everyone hasn’t got their cap on lol Looks like you are having a wonderul time. Biggest hugs. Love you Miss E xx

  8. The monkey look so cute –
    love the photo bomber in the group bamboo shot and at the restaurant , cracked us up,
    Lots of love sue , lance and Kodie xxxx

  9. That white chocolate fountain sounds delightful! Looks like lots of walkinh today. Hope you all are getting lots of sleep. You look like you are havinga wonderful time Caitlyn. Topaz and Macey send hugs xx

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