Day 5

Great day! Travelled out to the old town of Hikone to climb the original castle and explore the beautiful garden where we were able to see a wedding photo shoot, and were asked to jump in a photo or two! Walking around the town we found most shops closed …so lunch was MACS… Afterwards we traveled back Kyoto to get changed for dinner…

This evening was a special secret treat for the team. A reservation had been made for Dinner Show at the Ninja Kyoto Theatre restaurant. A little quirky, very cleverly done with projection lighting and stunt actors but thoroughly entertaining and with an unusual dinner that the students and the teachers won’t forget!

Tonight we welcomed Mr Barker to the adventure ! No doubt feeling tired but well! We will unleash Japan onto our principal tomorrow morning early with a 5.30am wake up call, and quick departure to Hiroshima!

















  1. Enjoyed the pics and update as always – thank you. Theatre Restaurant looked fun! Looking forward to hearing about Hiroshima. xx

  2. Hey kit kat its Alannah just wanted to tell you that jemma was votoes off big brother and that the pairs are no more :0 love you hope your having a great time

  3. Okay ‘Where’s Libi’, you win…couldn’t find you at your special dinner. Food looked interesting – can’t wait to hear what it was. Thanks for the call…you certainly sound like you’re having fun, and it’s okay that you’re not missing us 😦 Love getting up in the morning and seeing the photos and reading about the adventure. Love you heaps xx

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